Iljana Kalevo

Arch-militant aboard Temperance and commander of the household troops of the Meseret dynasty.


“I was born to command. What were you born to, man?”

Iljana Kalevo is a fierce warrior. She and her men and women were recruited by Nayrah Meseret on Footfall, and have been fighting for the dynasty ever since.

He fierce temperament is reflected in her fiery red hair and her iron hard demeanour. She often dresses like an Imperial noblewoman, and probably has the blood of some warrior line in her veins. Appearances deceive however, since she always carries a conversion field on her person and never goes unarmed.

Second in command of the Blue Wolves is Sulo Kalevo, Iljana’s younger brother (by a few minutes), a sombre man who follows his sister’s orders like they were the words of the Emperor Himself.

Iljana Kalevo

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