Watch-Captain Theron

Watch-Captain of the Deathwatch.


“I am death incarnate, chosen to mete out the Emperor’s punishment upon any xenos who would oppose the Imperium. By the gods of battle and my ancestors, I shall not shirk from carrying out my duty. Remember that, rogue trader, lest we find our courses opposed. Should that happen, you will see what we Astartes are truly capable of.”

With his hair in warrior style braids, not dissimilar to Inquisitor Arltiwar, although with less pretension of fashionability, there is something vaguely savage about this sombre figure. The black-and-silver livery featured on his battleplate proclaims him a member of the near-mythical Deathwatch. This is an warrior-angel from the nursery rhymes of the Imperium made real, for the Astartes are nothing to baseline humans if not avatars of the God-Emperor’s might.

A genetically modified superhuman, Theron stands over 7 feet tall, making grown men appear more like children when beside him. Additional bulk is added by his enormous power armour, making his steps resound as he strides head and shoulders above those who would have been his fellow humans, had he not been uplifted by the ancient genetic science of the God-Emperor.

Watch-Captain Theron

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