Godforge II

Captain Nayrah Meseret's log: Return to Footfall

Nayrah Meseret’s log, 126.821.M41, Footfall

Back on Footfall and the visit began pleasantly enough. Welcoming back Gallus and Serphes on the ship is a pleasure, but it hits me that time has passed when I look upon them. Still knowing all too little about their separate journeys I notice that especially Serphes seems to have been burdened by his new responsibilities. I am not sure that I want to imagine the path of an inquisitor but I look forward to work together with him again. Gallus seems a lot more used to his role as a space magos now, and though the story about what happened to his leg is worrying, his knowledge and skill is much needed on board. I remember thinking that “Hopefully all our enemies will stay at a far distance” …

At the traditional banquet though history seemed to repeat itself in a dangerous way. That Maleq is an asshole has always been quite obvious, but now it seems like the whole Feren dynasty is infected by incurable thickness too. Showing up in outer space with his ship “Roar of Vengence” (or something like that) and threatening me like a shadow of his incompetent father makes me furious beyond description. He blames me for his father’s death or for turning him down after fucking him (or maybe both). He knows too much about me and my weak spots though which will make him a tricky enemy to deal with.

Also the Fel dynasty showed up as an other rotten surprise. As suspected Hadarak’s brother Balthazar wants revenge. I wonder though, why would Balthazar force the child regent Hadarak II Fel into the expanse? Does he secretly wants me to kill him since that would make him head of the dynasty? If it is, as he claims, to keep him safe there should be a lot of places safer than Footfall.

Either way I have finally decided that killing Hadarak Fel (the first) was a mistake. I have been wondering about this since Iljana confronted me about this matter years ago and she was right. I made an example of what happens to people who betray my trust, but it could have been done in a different and more humane way.

I have to say that having made two enemies in one night is very tiring. My hopes are that we will not run into each other out in open space. But my guts tells me differently.

During our stay at Footfall we also had a very interesting offer from Vladaym Tocara. Finding xenotech for a customer by boarding a Space Hulk. Namely “The Claw that Maims”. The amount of money given for this kind of work is good enough but it is extremely dangerous. Even so both Serphes and Gallus have academic interests in this matter, but I have not yet decided if we will go through with this or not. Exciting as it is, no one will set foot on that thing until I have seen it.


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