Eli Birken

Chief Navigator aboard Temperance.


“You needed a navigator, captain, and I needed a ship to guide through the Sea of Souls. Sometimes, things are that simple.”

The young navigator Eli Birken is something of a mystery. He joined the crew of Temperance on Footfall, after the untimely demise of the previous navigator. He dresses all in black; non-descriptive fatigues and a voluminous black greatcoat hide his body. Only his pale, brown-bearded face and his bizarrely taloned hands are visible. His third eye is hidden behind a mechanical shutter implant.

Eli Birken typically secludes himself in the Navigator’s Spire when Temperance is in realspace. When travelling the warp he sits for days on end in a trance in the navigator well on the bridge, murmuring to himself as he follows paths throught the Immaterium that only he can perceive.

Eli Birken

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