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The year is 822 of the 41st millennium.

While the galaxy stands on the brink of a new era of darkness as the Age of Redemption drawns to a close and the Waning of Mankind begins, humanity scrambles to prepare and seek shelter for the storms ahead. This is a time when wills must be forged in the fires of desperate conflict, lest one is pulled down and sunk into bleak oblivion. The fruits of success are glory, treasures and everlasting fame, while the price of failure is damnation, uncounted tears and one’s very sanity.

The place is the Koronus Expanse, deep in the cursed Halo Stars. Amid the dying embers of ancient stars, man, woman and beast alike will struggle before an uncaring galaxy.

Whatever happens, you will not be missed.

The God-Emperor protects.


Date: 238.822.M41
Source: Astropathic choir, Port Wander (Astropath Primaris: +++UNIDENTIFIED+++)
Author: Admiral Nathaniel Horne, Calixis sector Fleet, aboard the Gryphon
Received: Astropathic choir aboard Temperance, docked at Footfall (Furibundus system) (Astropath Primaris: Menebius Chang)

Message: Calling all Imperial ships! Port Wander is under attack! The Beast has come forth, and the Greenskin is attacking the station! Our defences are sorely tested, and we request immediate aid! Anyone who can hear this, send forces to our aid!


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